Welcome to the WhatsYourStyle WikiEdit

This is a wiki for people who think they may want a future in any type of design or art. Music, fashion, video games etc. I know that sometimes people are unsure on how their designs will be viewed and judged, and they may be afraid to try and get them out there. Well, here no one has to worry about that. My job is to make sure that everyone that becomes a user of my wiki can build up confidence in their designs. I am in the process of opening my own clothing store and starting a band as a side project. If you are interested in helping with either of these things, please do not hesitate to ask me about it. A great way to help this wiki thrive is to upload your designs, your music, or just start a page and tell me about your ideas. I'd love to hear them! I'll do my best to help get your work noticed. :) happy editing!!!


Creation. Come here to share your work and ask for advice on how to make it better.

Ideas Edit

All ideas are accepted here. I do have rules, however. Art containing nudity will have to be reviewed by all.any admiinistrators. I do not shun this art but i do strongly suggest that you are careful with it. I would like to keep this wiki friendly, for I know that little childrens use wikia as well. Art containing blood, morbidity is allowed but try not to get too gorey with it. Im sure you all know whats appropriate and whats not. So I shouldn't have to be telling oyu this, but as i said, all ideas are accepted here, I will not delete any of them (well, there will be acceptions) but try to keep them in the group that they belong in.